THE COMEBACK + #thetades17


Hi guys! It’s been a WHILE! I’ve¬†missed sharing my thoughts and ideas on everything weddings and I’m super glad to be back. A lot of exciting things happened in the past 18 months. I successfully completed med school, got married to an amazing man, completed my housejob / internship (a compulsory one-year period of supervised work after graduation from medical school), then work and…I finally started something I’ve dreamt about doing for a long time now (Yay!)

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You will be amazed at the things you can find on instagram. A friend of mine sent me a message one afternoon, telling me to search for exquisite souvenirs on instagram and go through their page. I loved what I saw. You know how you feel when we go for Nigerian weddings and come back home with buckets, bowls, detergents, noodles and all sort of things as souvenirs. So I was “wowed” when I saw ¬†different useful items that guests will truly appreciate and talk about for a while. The thing is, they actually pack your souvenir bags with the items you pick and deliver them to you in the quantity you want at a particular price . I’m happy someone is thinking outside the box and giving something different and unique. Continue reading





So everyone is happy you are getting married. They want to come and be a part of your special day and help make it memorable. Sometimes, they may want to bring you gifts.

Many of us have coolers of different sizes, shapes and colours given to our parents as wedding gifts stored away in our homes. If not coolers then wine, water or juice glasses. Now, I’m very sure we’ve looked at those old dusty boxes a number of times and thought to ourselves: “I certainly do not want that”. Enough of those kind of gifts! Continue reading


Getting the ideal gown is very crucial for any bride-to-be. Your gown is a major deal. It will either make you feel like a beauty queen or not. If you pick the right dress and you love it, you will enjoy every moment in that dress. It will make you comfortable, as well as look and feel beautiful.

On the big day, everyone is patiently waiting for the bride to arrive to see her dress and how pretty she looks in it. Most ladies have a dream wedding dress or style. They have this perfect mental picture of how they will look in that dress.

More often than not, when they get that dress or style, the total look may be worse than imagined. An important reason why this happens is because they envisioned the wrong dress for their body shape, and so it is no surprise when the bride eventually experiences a wardrobe malfunction. Continue reading


Continuing with the makeup series, I will be sharing with you these AMAZING makeup artists. “Amazing” doesn’t even begin to describe how wonderful and skillful they are. Every bride wants to look stunning and feel beautiful on their big day and these MUAs, they are perfect for the job. They are Oasretin Ero of 24Shades, Adedayo Christine of Christine creations and Dauda Saidat of Makeup by Saydat

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I hear some people say that if a bride isn’t fine on her wedding day, that means she isn’t fine at all. Meaning she must be really ugly. But its not necessarily so.

Makeup is a very essential part of the bride’s apparel on her wedding day. Getting yourself the wrong makeup artist could be the most terrible mistake you could ever make for your wedding. Imagine walking down the aisle only for your groom to see his beautiful woman having all the colors of the rainbow on her face, Continue reading