THE COMEBACK + #thetades17


Hi guys! It’s been a WHILE! I’ve missed sharing my thoughts and ideas on everything weddings and I’m super glad to be back. A lot of exciting things happened in the past 18 months. I successfully completed med school, got married to an amazing man, completed my housejob / internship (a compulsory one-year period of supervised work after graduation from medical school), then work and…I finally started something I’ve dreamt about doing for a long time now (Yay!)

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Hmmm! How do i start? It all started with getting my first job. I could remember vividly when I was told to go pick up my appointment letter from him. When I saw him I was like ‘hmm! NOT BAD AT ALL’ but had to caution myself that it was a work environment and moreover, he looked like a married man lol!

But I was wrong! It took awhile before we started talking, which was after I accused him of not wishing me happy birthday. So, that’s how it started.


The first meet wasn’t particularly eventful as I had this lady meeting me up for her appointment letter. Since I wasn’t around during the interview process, I had a brief conversation with her which was hinged basically on getting her greatly on-boarded at the coy.

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OUR BEAUTIFUL STORY – Olubunmi and Damilola


Been waiting to put up their story for days. Finally here! 


“Olubunmi Mi”, like I fondly call her is an incomparable lady in beauty, spirituality, wisdom, character and attitude. Without any iota of psyches she is simply awesome. I can so remember the first time I set my eyes on her pictures, my jaw literally dropped. At a point in my life I just discovered I had a thing for fair babes, Olubunmi stood out and speaking with her just confirmed the beauty and brains line.

I know we always argue about this but the truth is, Olubunmi loves me more; she can care for me to stupor. The part I love most about her is her extreme playfulness which I cannot wait to keep seeing 70 years from now, and I can just compare her being toothless then with now she has teeth ***dodges stone***

We have had our rough times during which I exhibited my naughty self and her manner of handling things at these times is simply mind blowing.

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