In the past few weeks, we have enjoyed the amazing works of our very own Nigerian photographers. They enjoy what they do and can stand toe to toe with the best in the world.

Wrapping up the first “smile for the camera” series is our very own Akintayo Timi of Akintayotimi photography, Abi Yeni Rotimi of photography by Abi and Temisan Atoyebi of Tap studios. There is definitely no better way to end this series than to give you this gifted photographers!! Continue reading


So two weeks ago, we saw amazing pictures from some of Nigeria’s best photographers and I did mention that there was more to come. Trust me, it can only get better. So this week, I am giving you another set of four gifted photographers. Lots of pictures I tell you so just relax and enjoy. No more stories, lets start.

In no particular order, first is SOJI ONI of SOJI ONI PHOTOGRAPHY Continue reading