THE COMEBACK + #thetades17


Hi guys! It’s been a WHILE! I’ve missed sharing my thoughts and ideas on everything weddings and I’m super glad to be back. A lot of exciting things happened in the past 18 months. I successfully completed med school, got married to an amazing man, completed my housejob / internship (a compulsory one-year period of supervised work after graduation from medical school), then work and…I finally started something I’ve dreamt about doing for a long time now (Yay!)

During my internship year, I met Tope, another doctor in the same program who happened to be in a serious relationship at the time. We frequently talked about weddings, and I introduced her to my wedding planning service.
Fast forward to the evening she got engaged, I was super excited! At some point, I may have been even more excited than the bride to-be (lol!). I dreamt about this being my first official job as a wedding planner, but then, I started to doubt that Tope will give me the job. It had been months since we had talked about weddings, and I thought now that she was engaged for real, she would probably remember that sister or cousin or aunt who is into event planning and who would want to handle the event (oh, brother).
Few days after the engagement we exchanged messages and just like that, we were good to go! You cannot imagine my happiness! I had to plan a wedding in 6 months while working as a doctor. It was a fun yet stressful period. Setting up a perfect team, coming up with a hashtag, sourcing for great vendors, checking out venues, sharing dreams and ideas yet more importantly, being more than a planner, but a friend.
During this period, I learned a lot! For example, how to offer valuable and practical counsel, and how to make sure its not about what I want, but what the bride wants, because it is her day not mine. I also learned to handle emergencies that can arise during that period and on the D-day, and I got involved in some DYI projects (more about that later).
So I thought to share with you guys pictures of that beautiful day, of course with the couple’s permission. This is actually one of the main reasons I started this blog, to share weddings planned by Talkweddings and of course, to continue to talk about everything weddings.


TOPE AND DEOLU #thetades17


IMG_0250IMG_0279IMG_0305KAP_8619KAP_8632 (1)KAP_8643KAP_8652KAP_8709KAP_8753KAP_8806KAP_8838




KAP_9622KAP_9738KAP_9785KAP_9833KAP_9901IMG_8966IMG_8887KAP_0021KAP_0057KAP_0078KAP_0079KAP_0090KAP_0262KAP_0272IMG_9127 (1)IMG_8683KAP_0341KAP_0335KAP_0365KAP_0367KAP_9846

IMG_0820IMG_0857IMG_0884IMG_0716 (1)IMG_0724KAP_9817IMG_0870IMG_0483KAP_9802KAP_9808

The DYI project. We didn’t want the regular banner backdrop everyone was doing and we had a budget so we came up with this and it was beautiful!


As you can see, the wedding went very well! My team and I have been offered more jobs as a result. All vendors we worked with during the wedding expressed their interest in working with us again. But most importantly, the bride and groom, their family and friends were impressed as evidenced by the number of thanks and commendations we received. We are currently working on another wedding so there’s more to come! 
I know there are a lot of good, hardworking planners out there today, but I feel the best of us can be distinguished by what we bring to the table, what makes us stand out from the crowd, the ability to think outside the box. It’s a lot about ones passion and desire to make people happy. Its also about honesty with clients and vendors, having a sincere working relationship with those you work with (drops mic). 
There you have it guys. As a favour, kindly fill in the comments section below and let me know your thoughts. Furthermore, if you will like to work with us or earn exciting referral rewards, please go ahead and refer a friend, family member, or anyone you know that is getting married. Thanks!
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7 thoughts on “THE COMEBACK + #thetades17

  1. Wow,I’m proud of u.u may have officially gotten the job for my wedding.more progress BGG,well-done dear

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