When I got to the party , Schatz ( it’s a German pet name I gave him ) was already there with his friends,they were all seated and gisting. So when I walked in he noticed me then sent the birthday girl’s niece to come get my number with the promise to pay her *smh* , so the little girl came to relay the message.but you know how we ladies are , that was when I started shakara, I danced with other guys at d party but I didn’t dance with him. Then the party shifted to a bar but it was already getting late so I left almost immediately. As Schatz saw me leaving , he ran after me and I gave him my pin. He was always buzzing me but I didn’t give him attention,I kept replying his messages with ‘lol’. Amidst the ‘lol’ I realized he’s actually a cool guy, so I decided to give us a trial..


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