Abosede says:

It  all started about 5yrs ago back in medical school…
Ope and his friends were the rockafellas on campus, they were the popular ones..lol. We never got to talk until one day when he called me by my first name on my way back from class.
I was surprised, couldn’t hide it and he said ‘dont be surprised, I see u around and I just wanted to say hi”. Somehow he got my number and that was the beginning of the long late night calls and friendship. We became inseparable.
Ours is a love that will last a lifetime, with 2 hearts that beat has one.
I can’t wait to marry my best friend!! Continue reading


You will be amazed at the things you can find on instagram. A friend of mine sent me a message one afternoon, telling me to search for exquisite souvenirs on instagram and go through their page. I loved what I saw. You know how you feel when we go for Nigerian weddings and come back home with buckets, bowls, detergents, noodles and all sort of things as souvenirs. So I was “wowed” when I saw  different useful items that guests will truly appreciate and talk about for a while. The thing is, they actually pack your souvenir bags with the items you pick and deliver them to you in the quantity you want at a particular price . I’m happy someone is thinking outside the box and giving something different and unique. Continue reading