always preach about hiring a wedding planner. I did a post on wedding planners weeks back, they make life so much easier. Sometimes, it’s not always possible to hire one for some reason, and you are left to do the planning yourself. Planning your wedding is fun, but it can also be stressful and frustrating because you have no planner to take all that stress. You have to search out venues, get vendors, do the negotiating and then report your findings back to the people who matter; brainstorm together, reach an agreement and get back to the vendor for more negotiations. It can be quite irritating sometimes, making you feel like dropping everything and just going along with what every other person involved in the planning thinks or says.

I have read stories of couples who say they hardly fought through out the planning process. I find that hard to believe, although it might be true if they had a planner and enough cash for all they want. But trust me when I say if you are lacking one of the above, both of you will definitely fight. You will get irritable, so upset that you will fight with him/her over things you would normally ignore. You will argue over how much to spend on a particular vendor, give reasons why you want that particular thing, how he/she can get a vendor that will do it cheaper and how someone he/she knows did it or got a service at a lower price at their wedding.

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