This song is beautiful and true. Marriage definitely has it’s ups and downs but what is more important is the promise to stay together because in the end, you will be alright. That’s why the song for this week is:

STAY WITH YOU by John Legend

Trust me, you have to listen to this song.


OUR BEAUTIFUL STORY – Olubunmi and Damilola


Been waiting to put up their story for days. Finally here! 


“Olubunmi Mi”, like I fondly call her is an incomparable lady in beauty, spirituality, wisdom, character and attitude. Without any iota of psyches she is simply awesome. I can so remember the first time I set my eyes on her pictures, my jaw literally dropped. At a point in my life I just discovered I had a thing for fair babes, Olubunmi stood out and speaking with her just confirmed the beauty and brains line.

I know we always argue about this but the truth is, Olubunmi loves me more; she can care for me to stupor. The part I love most about her is her extreme playfulness which I cannot wait to keep seeing 70 years from now, and I can just compare her being toothless then with now she has teeth ***dodges stone***

We have had our rough times during which I exhibited my naughty self and her manner of handling things at these times is simply mind blowing.

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