Getting the ideal gown is very crucial for any bride-to-be. Your gown is a major deal. It will either make you feel like a beauty queen or not. If you pick the right dress and you love it, you will enjoy every moment in that dress. It will make you comfortable, as well as look and feel beautiful.

On the big day, everyone is patiently waiting for the bride to arrive to see her dress and how pretty she looks in it. Most ladies have a dream wedding dress or style. They have this perfect mental picture of how they will look in that dress.

More often than not, when they get that dress or style, the total look may be worse than imagined. An important reason why this happens is because they envisioned the wrong dress for their body shape, and so it is no surprise when the bride eventually experiences a wardrobe malfunction.

So before I bring you different designers, let’s start from the basics. We will find out the exact gown to complement your body shape because this is where most brides get it wrong. Some of you may be familiar with this, however, it is pretty unfortunate that many are not.

There are five popular styles of wedding gowns. All are beautiful but have been perfectly tailored for different body types.
1. A-line Gown: fitted around the bodice and flows out to the ground.
strapless-organza-a-line-wedding-dress-with-delicately-ruffled-skirt aline-wedding-dress-LH51

2. Empire: unique for its raised waist line that sits just below the bust from which the rest of the dress flows down. Sleeves vary but are usually made from lighter fabrics.
empire-wedding-gowns Empire-Style-Cap-Sleeved-Long-Flowing-Chiffon-Wedding-Dress

3. Column Sheath: this type of gown has a narrow shape that flows straight from top to bottom. It tends to hug the body and show all of your curves.
v-neck-court-train-chiffon-sheath-column-wedding-dress-wpr0004-c IMG_20140318_232412

4. Ball Gown: this is the fairy tale dress. Fitted bodice and a full skirt that can either be separated or in one piece. Perfect for a grand wedding.
princess1 IMG_20140409_103350

Mermaid: a very sexy look that highlights the curves. Contours to the body from the chest then flares out to the hem.
IMG_20140409_103649 IMG_20140409_103711

The trumpet gown is a derivative of the mermaid gown

IMG_20140316_142354 trumpet-V-Neck-Wedding-Dresses-ideas-with-sleevesivory-lace-v-neck-draped-trumpet-wedding-gown-with-tulle-overlay

Now to the major issue. Females have a different body shapes.
1. Pear shaped: this means you have a bigger bottom in comparison with your bust. A large number of African women fall into this category. You want to look for a gown that gradually flares out in an A formation because it will highlight the narrowness of the midsection and float away from the hips and thighs. However if you want to flaunt what you’ve got, then you can go for a mermaid gown.

2. Full figured: these women can be described as being voluptuous. If you possess well developed busts and curvy hips, your best bet is the mermaid or trumpet gown which has a slimming effect and will most definitely flatter your figure. If you would rather not flaunt your curves, the A-line gown is universally flattering

3. Petite: to all my vertically challenged women, what you should look for is ELONGATION. You don’t want to go for a ball gown or a dress with lots of fabric as this will overwhelm your small frame. Column sheath is perfect! A-line will also work. It will create an illusion of height.

4. Tall: for ladies 5 feet 10 and taller, you can pretty much rock everything. What you want to avoid is high necklines because this will create the illusion of straightness and more height.

5. Bony: hmmm, not exactly the fleshy type. A sleeveless gown is a flattering option for you. A ball gown is perfect because it will balance out your overall silhouette and visually create curves.

6. Pregnant: this case can be a little tricky because you can’t really say for sure what size you will be on the wedding day. Therefore, the empire gown is your surest option because of its loose structure and relaxed silhouette.

7. Boxy: for ladies who’ve got a boyish waistline. Whether short or tall, empire waist gown is perfect. A ball gown with basque waistline is also a very good option.


The Basque waistline

8. Hourglass: for ladies whose top and bottom compartments are perfectly balanced, with a very narrow waist. Often seen as a body shape which can wear anything, it’s still best to pick a design that accentuates your waist, as this will show off your best asset and enhance your hourglass figure. As your chest and hips are already balanced, it’s best not to further highlight either half. Avoid empire-line silhouettes. Empire, mermaid or column sheath is your sure bet.

For busty women, the major issue is the type of neckline and we will definitely talk about that.

Arm issues: if you are too concerned about your arms, a long or 3-quarter length sleeve in sheer fabric or lace will work. No off-the-shoulder styles and cap sleeves because they will only highlight your
upper arm.

With all of these said, you still don’t want to limit your search. Go ahead and try on different gowns, have fun doing so and then decide on which one you are comfortable in, the one that makes you look and feel beautiful. If you intend to lose weight or work on certain areas of your body, put that into consideration but be realistic.

And there you have it!

Details and pictures from Spark People, Strictly Bridal, jeuneetconne, Fashion Sizzle, Chez Charlene, Alizee Bridal, Top Wedding, Kaltsum, Light Weddings, Fox Gowns, Moncheri Bridals and Magaret Sam Bridal Couture.


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