In Nigeria, we have a particular wedding practice. Because we are very religious, the marriage ceremony is always done in our place of worship. For some, it is because when they are taking their vows there, they believe they are doing so in the presence of God. Some also love it because of the dancing.

However, I have come to love the idea of a small and short outdoor marriage ceremony. They are simply breathtaking, something most brides would love. Nature is an amazing work of God so taking your vows outside, in a beautiful garden and in a wonderful atmosphere, you can be sure you are taking those vows in HIS presence, with HIM looking down on you and smiling. As for the dancing, my ‘naija’ brides, you can do a lot of that at your reception.

Come to think of it, how many guest actually show up for the joining/ service in Nigeria?? Approximately 80% of them are waiting at the reception venue so an outdoor ceremony can work.

Now many will say our weather isn’t so favorable. But we do have months of the year that will be just perfect for us.  November to February will work, as well August. We do not want to do this during the rainy season for obvious reasons.

Outdoor wedding ceremonies are not for the “oyinbos” alone. We have wonderful locations here in Nigeria that would work as well. As usual, I searched and found a few places in Lagos. They are;

1. Riviera Gardens

2.Yard 158

3. Ashton Gardens

4. Hortico Gardens

5. Pelican Events Gardens

6. Jhalobia Recreation Park and Gardens

7. Muri Okunola Park

8. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort.

9. VGC Park

10. Golf course and private beaches.

I also got beautiful outdoor wedding decors you will fall in love with.













Considering the fact that we are in a tropical area, the heat from the scorching sun can be a major discouraging factor. But we have outdoor tents. High peak tents and not the marquee or larger tents can be used because they are easily accessible and won’t take away the outdoor effect. These are some examples of tents that can be used.



White Classic Pole Wedding Tents




High Peak Frame Tents

Your wedding reception can also take place at the same venue and you get to have a beautiful background for your wedding pictures. Can you picture yourself having an outdoor marriage ceremony?? I sure can! So if you love what you see and can afford it, then I totally recommend it. It’s a choice I’m sure you won’t regret (*winks*).
If you are searching for an amazing location in any area of your choice, then contact me and I’ll help with the search to give you the wedding of your dreams
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12 thoughts on “TAKING IT OUTDOORS!

  1. Haha….oh boi eh! Oyinkan you don bad oo…I like what I see mehn,looks exotic 😀 Bet you should have mentioned the cost range na,at least so we can know the coat size to cut.lol. But good job babe,really nice.

  2. I totally agree with this! My fav wedding so far is my aunty’s wedding nd it was held outdoors!! Lovely ambience nd enough space for dancing!! (wink) It was tres magnifique!!! Pls keep up d good work.

  3. Its beautiful! I am a believer of church weddings in the church but lookin @ dese maks me wanna change my mind! Its an excellent idea esp d tent 4 d hot weather bt I dnt c dis workin 4 d large weddings we love 2 trow n 9ja. Bt if u r lukn 4 smtin small nd classy, dis is jst it! Nt goin any wr Dr. Oyinkansola, I remain glued! Kip it up!

  4. Very nice and inspiring ideas..keep up d good work oyinkan..personally.. I was starting to think weddings In Nigeria are soooo cliché.. But with u I have hope:)..

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