There is a saying that pictures tell stories. Pictures of high quality tell the exact story we want them to. They make events memorable.

The wedding day comes and goes like a breath of fresh air, but the moments that are captured on that day will remain. They keep beautiful instances fresh in our memory, moments we probably would forget. Some will make you smile, while others will make you laugh. Therefore, having good photographers in one’s wedding is a MAJOR deal. Their role cannot be overemphasized.

It is advisable to have a back-up photographer just in case the major one fails you. Every photographer has his or her own perspective and with that, they bring lovely picture ideas to the table. So no two photographers will give you the same picture(s).

Now we have a large number of picture-takers out there, however, there is just a handful of actual photographers out there. These photographers give you that ‘wow’ effect. Continue reading


One of the surprises I have is the wedding colour series. So you can keep checking. I just might help you pick your wedding colour(s)

This week colours are AQUA AND YELLOW. Soft and beautiful colours






Pictures from weddinary, Burnetts Boards, Wedding chicks, Wedding Inspiration by Kate and The knots


This week I will be talking about a part of the wedding that is given less attention by most couples. It is the part during which a couple take their first dance together as man and wife at the wedding reception.

I have been to many wedding receptions and most times I’m left speechless (definitely not for a good reason) because of the choice of songs played for the couple to share their first dance.

Personally, I believe in this little time you and your partner should move together, creating a loving atmosphere, your own little world where its just both of you and no one else Continue reading