Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful and quite exhausting. So it’s no surprise when we see brides looking fatigued on that one day that is all about them. Even when there is a wedding planner, you still have to make the major decisions and decide on a budget. The planner simply goes with what you want and helps plan a wedding within your budget.

While the stress can’t be totally eliminated, it can be alleviated. One way is by having a written and clearly laid down plan. Continue reading


Lets start with a substantial part of every wedding, THE WEDDING INVITE.  All of us have received various wedding invites, ranging from those with the ‘wow’ effect to the ones that are just not acceptable in any way!!! Some say the invitation is practically useless after the wedding so why spend much? Well peeps, the invites say a whole lot. It gives the invitees an idea of the type of wedding to be attended. It affects their overall apparel, their choice of companion to the wedding(that is if the wedding isn’t “strictly by invitation”) and even the kind of gift they will get. If someone hands me an aesthetic invite, I sure will attend and I can say the same goes for most people. Continue reading


Soooo, my name is Oyinkansola and I’m almost a doctor. Most of my friends and acquaintances, especially those privileged to go through my phone(*wink*) are aware of how much I love weddings, how much I pay attention to EVERYTHING especially the details because those little things are what make one wedding awesome and the other, below average.  For most people or most ladies, including myself, that day just has to be perfect or near perfect. It has to be all we’ve dreamt it would be.

Did someone just ask why?? It’s because although marriage is the most important thing, your wedding day is the BEGINNING of a lifetime with that one person you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with. For some, it is a once in a life time event. So why not have a memorable start,  make it the talk of the town. Right??

So here, we will talk about EVERYTHING, pre wedding, the wedding day proper and even post wedding issues. As we continue, I will be throwing in some surprises (*Big smile, rubbing my palms*).  Feel free to put up or tag whatever links or topics that relates to the discussion . I hope this blog will help ladies (since we do most of the planning *biggest smile*) make that special day truly beautiful.

So peeps, lets talkwedding!!